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Catalog your web content and evaluate its value. A content audit is an act while a content inventory is an artifact, ideally a living document that is updated over time.

<aside> 💡 A content inventory is a quantitative analysis. A content audit is a qualitative analysis.


Cooking time

Varies depending on the size and number of website assets. A few hours to a few weeks. A manual content audit catalogs all information assets, which is typically a detailed process. Don't rush. While partial content audits might take a few hours, a full a content audit can take a week or two to complete.

Perfect for

Understanding the 'what' and 'why' of your web content. They can be used for:

Prep work

Outline categories

It's important to first decide which characteristics you will inventory. Organize them in a spreadsheet, like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. For example, some possible characteristics include:

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