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Impression testing or concept testing is a quick and easy way to know if your idea or design is as awesome to others as it is to you.

Cooking time

About 5 seconds! (Per user). That's why one variation on this method is called the "5-second test."

Though depending on how many questions you want to ask and if they are multiple choice or open-ended, it might take a few additional seconds. But the goal is for these to be short and focus on just initial impressions.

Designer asking for a participant's impressions of a webpage.

Designer asking for a participant's impressions of a webpage.

Perfect for

When you have a design and want to observe initial reactions to an idea to validate (or reject) it early on, decide if a new service or product is valuable in concept, or decide if current ideas are headed in the right direction.

Prep work

Get your product ready to share

Get started on an idea that you are interested in, or identify something that already exists that you want quick feedback on. If you're creating something new, make sure it's something that can quickly be examined by others, often in a visual format. For example, you might have:

Identify your goals

What do you want to learn? You can articulate this in the form of research questions, such as:

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