Nutrition profile

Extract insights from analytics data and understand the behaviors of website visitors, with help from tools such as Google Analytics and Siteimprove.

Cooking time

Usually under an hour if you're looking to answer a specific question. Otherwise, the time needed depends on the size and complexity of your website data.

If you'd like to export datasets for manual analysis, allow yourself more time.

Perfect for

Learning what users are doing on your website. Analytics will tell you the "what" but not the "why" in user behavior.

Prep work

Know your research questions

Define the questions that you want to answer with the data. For example:

Focus your questions on specific parts of the website or certain web pages, and avoid qualitative or evaluative questions like "Do users like my website?" Keep in mind that data are only good at telling you what users do on your website. In order to figure out what they think or why they behave certain ways, you'll likely need to pair analytics data with other research methods, such as usability testing.

Set up an analytics tool

An analytics tool uses trackers (usually segments of JavaScript code) to log user behaviors including their entrance to and exit from your website, the time they spend on each web page, and where they click on a web page. To put trackers on your website, you'll need to set up an analytics tool first.

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