Nutrition profile

Create consistent content with a content style guide that includes word usage, voice and tone guidelines, and more.

Cooking time

Varies depending on the complexity of your content, how comprehensive you want your guide to be, and how many people will be giving feedback during the process. It can take a few days to many months to create a style guide.

Perfect for

Ensuring your organization delivers consistent content across communication channels, including websites, emails, apps, and social media. Content style guides help employees write with standard, predictable language, which creates an easier, more consistent experience for users. Content style guides can help build brand recognition and also play an important role in establishing a sustainable content strategy for your organization.

Prep work

Audit your content

A great way to learn what's needed in a style guide is to analyze what content exists now and where you have inconsistencies. If you're focused on your website especially, see content audits and inventories to learn how a site audit might help you.

Define your scope

Identify which communication channels you'd like the style guide to apply to. Some organizations have style guides for their websites, for example, which might be distinct from their social media.

With the channel(s) in mind, identify the components you'd like to include. Elements of a style guide can include:

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